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Computer Services

We emphasizes on providing the latest computer technologies to customers like you so that your business will benefit greatly from efficient and cost-effective computerized operations. We have top-notch computer specialists to provide you with highly skilled PC System services at a reasonable rate. Our PC System services include:

pc system services

PC System Services

  • Data recovering from crushed system
  • Virus cleaning and protection installation
  • PC system trouble shooting and repairing
  • Backup system setup
networking internet services

Networking Internet Services

  • Networking System installation (Microsoft or Novell)
  • Internet Router installation (Hardware or Software solution)
  • Networking or Internet System consulting
  • Networking System upgrade
  • Networking or Internet System trouble shooting and repairing
  • Network training
hardware services

Hardware Services

  • New PC system installation
  • Old PC upgrade
  • New Hardware installation (Tape Backup, ZIP drive, CD-Recorder)
  • Consulting and recommending PC hardware and software
software services

Software Services

  • Software installation
  • Software consulting
  • Software upgrade
  • Software customization
  • Software training

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