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According to statistics published in the Journal of Accountancy, 28% of large corporations in the U.S. as well as many other diversified business entities perform a timely financial review of the company by generating a credible financial review report. This financial review plays a key role in diagnosing the company’s financial strength and portfolio.

Tina T. Chiang Accountancy Corporation utilizes analytical procedures to provide a fair evaluation of the company’s financial data. We also go the extra mile by evaluating your sales, purchases and inventory figures to pinpoint areas that need improvement, help manage cash in-out flow, and forecast market needs for our clients. To obtain the needed working capital or loans, Tina T. Chiang Accountancy Corporation will serve as your conduit to channel your needs to banks, financial institutions, or factored companies. We will help you in every respect to steer your company to a bright future.

The cost of doing a review is less than that of an audit. However, a review does not provide equal weight as an audit and it is also not applicable to companies that are pursuing IPO or already publicly traded.

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