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When you plan to invest your wealth in the U.S., whether for business or for a personal account, it is certainly better to do it with as much knowledge as you could have so that you will not make mistakes. ChineseCPA can equip you with the kind of knowledge you need to make the right move.

For example, regarding real estate investment, we can help you save taxes or even have no taxes for a property purchase at $300,000.00 or less, and advise you on the proper LLC (Limited Liability Company) or trust setup for any large real estate investment that is over one million dollars. On investment taxation, we may advise you to make ten-thousand-dollar gifts to your children in order to lower your high tax bracket from dividend or capital gain income, or we may suggest you set up a trust or LLC to avoid probate tax on your beneficiaries. On business investment, we can help you on immigration investment for a minimum amount of half a million dollars or more, or on corporate stock share purchase that may save you tax and even obtain immigration benefits under certain conditions. On stock investment, we can help you get tax credits for the accrued interests and commissions paid to the brokerage firms.

As each investment case is unique in its own way, it would be in your best interest to have ChineseCPA serve you as your consultant on all that you plan to do.

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